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Robert David Steele - "Uncle Bob"
He passed away quietly on Thursday, September 18, 2003.


I would like to share a few pictures from the a canoe blessing. The new canoe was named "Uhane O Lopaka" or "In the spirit of Robert." Pops attended and enjoyed the event. I hope you enjoy these last photos of a dear relative. Personally, I owe many things to Uncle Bob. He wrote a kind letter of support during my immigration into the USA. He helped me find my first job. And, with great patience, he taught me how to paddle. For this and much more, I will always be grateful to have known him and will miss saying "Hi Pops!" each time I saw him.

As with everyone who knew you, I will miss you too.

With much love from your nephew,

September 2003

The guest of honor.

Uhane O Lopaka - "In the spirit of Robert"


Bob's grandaughter Andrea, aka "Puddin'"

My wife and son!
Everyone is family.


Upon request, here are some shots from the other pages my website:

Happier Days
Laura, Pops, and Greg!
Aunty Marilyn, Laura, Pops, and me!
July, 2003

And my favourite image of Pops on the water:
Spencer, Liam, Nan, and Pops